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In 1804, a small number of German farmers were invited to start an agricultural village in northeastern Hungary on land belonging to the Schoenborns, a noble family of German origin.

  Due to its location west of the Carpathian Mountains and near the borders of several countries, this village has changed time and again as successive governments, political ideologies, emigration, wars, and economic trends have all left their marks. At times these changes radically altered the village, most notably in World War II. While a few villagers remained in 1944, many others left, and their descendents are now found throughout Europe and North America.

  This site is devoted to the people and history of this village which was first called "Sophiendorf," later  "Zsofiafalva," and is now "Zofia."

  Our goal is to share research and stories gathered from many different sources - from those who once lived in Zofia those who still do, and anybody else interested in the fascinating history of this region, now part of Ukraine. Please browse through the pages and download the PDF history book, which contains footnoted historical research, personal stories, and photos of Zofia.

  NowZofia.net is a living project, and we strongly encourage anyone with ancestral information, history, or their own family stories to contact us at the email address below (and on the "Contact us" page) to share their knowledge. This site will be updated frequently, so check back often to see what's new.

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Adds the story of the Schwarz family...a Jewish family living in the village...as told by
Dr. Jacob Schwartz.
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